Hi! I’m Candice, a word nerd and bookworm living in Portland, Oregon.

When I was 20, my deepest, most furtive dream was to someday write a published book and/or be a book editor. I switched majors from science to writing after my junior year in college and had starry, big dreams…and then life didn’t go exactly the way I thought. I’m not a book editor, nor a published book author — but I have had “writer” or “editor” in every one of my job titles over the past 20 years. (Well played, Universe. Joke’s on me.)

These days, in my 40s, the beauty is in the details of a life … and in the things that never change.

Like a love of books, of beautiful words. Of paper and good pens and time curled up with a good book. And maybe the format has occasionally changed — on an e-reader, or my phone, or on a website and HTML — but underneath it all: a love of words.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.