Goodreads? Huh?

Back in 2007, a fellow book-lover friend recommended Goodreads, a website for readers and book lovers where you can organize what you’ve read, list your favorite books, see what your friends are reading, discuss literature, form groups, and connect with other readers.

There are so many fads and favorites for social media platforms, and like so many people, I tend to use only 2-3 at a time, often inconsistently with long gaps of disuse. But the one I’ve used the longest and most consistently is Goodreads — and I still use it more than TWELVE years later.

I love it because it’s an easy, convenient way to keep track of what I’ve read, remember what new titles I want to read, and see what my friends are reading. In addition to the website’s optional integration of your Goodreads content into your personal Facebook profile, they also have free apps for Android and my iPhone, which has come in handy countless times at the bookstore or library or when I’m hunting online for books.

(And even if you don’t have an iPhone, they have a good mobile version of the website too:

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow Flash or Javascript on its hosted blogs, so I can’t include any of the cool widgets that Goodreads has developed on my blog here. Boo. But if you love to read and want to connect with my bookworm tastes, visit my profile on Goodreads:

To see the books I’m reading, look at the sidebar or click on the button below:


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